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"Magician Genius"

Ibby is some kind of magician genius. He is observant, knowledgeable and talented. Following his help with my orthotics and his hands-on adjustments, I am amazed but so happy with how my gait has improved.

- Anne M

"Skilled Podiatrist"

Ibrahim is such a professional and skilled podiatrist, I could not recommend him highly enough. He uses a variety of techniques to help treat my joint pain that results from having flat feet. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

- Lauren D

"Understand my body better"

Ibby is super knowledgeable and professional! He's helped me address ongoing knee pain and strength issues, and helped me understand my body a lot better.

- Sarah D

No patient leaves Podiatry x Recovery without an accurate,
comprehensive and holistic look at their podiatric issues.